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Carmen Pipola-Steinger


+41 (0)61 465 4015



tom2 consult GmbH
Hangstrasse 1

CH-4144 Arlesheim

About me

«Pay attention to your thoughts, ... because they become your destiny»

(from the Talmud)

I recognize the truth of this statement more and more - but also how to "RE-think".

I want to support the new NORMAL of integrating intuition and spirituality on a personal level, as well as in the business world. The more we are connected to ourselves, we are as well connected to everything that surrounds us. I am a "seeker" - a seeker on every level. The spirit of research has led me to many very different training courses and experiences. Gradually these are now merging into a new whole - the KiSS Constellation, which I want to make available to YOU.
Because we want to transform at the source - easy - deep and lasting.


2015 - now

2021 - 2024

2001 - 2015

Before 2001

tom2 consult GmbH
Consultant  for  transformation – organization – management

Consulting businesses and start-up’s for organizational and personnel development, speaker, holding workshops and coachings

Baloise (part time)

Coach and Change agent in the KB Finance department, supporting several Teams in agile Leadership.

CEO laloba consult GmbH

Consulting business in finance and accounting, accompany start-up companies, leading of projects, organizational development, coaching, IT-projects, recruiting, HR

CFO in a shipping + logistic company and a travel tour operator  

Responsible for finance, HR, accounting and IT


Business education

  • Master for advanced studies in spiritual care - University of Basel

  • Certificate of advanced studies in: 
    - artistic skills in psychotherapy
    - blockchain and Fintech
    - Organisational development
    - project management and process consultant
    - change management

  • Finance expert in accounting  and taxes

  • Scrum Master and SAFe professionel

Therapeutic education

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Trauma, transformation, business and laugh coach

  • CAS artistic skills in psychotherapy

  • Quantum healing (CQM, Matrix, Bengston, Jeger, Genetic Healing)

  • Remote viewing CQM / read Akasha chronic / Blue Eye Reading

  • Constellation trainings:
    - Sneh Victoria Schnabel - 2 years family constellation B. Hellinger
    - SYST München - Matthias Varga von Kibed
    - Gunther Schmid
    - Trigon and many more

  • Courses like Nonviolent Communication, public speeching, Silva Mind ... 

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