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KiSS-Constellation Certificate

Become an official KiSS-Constellation Expert

and get certified.


What is it about?

You would like to be certified in the KiSS Constellations method and thereby signal to your clients that you can support the miraculous effects of this constellation method with top quality? Then check out what is necessary for this.

Important to know

The following conditions apply to achieving the KiSS Constellation Certificate


  • choose and participate in 5 different modules out of the wide variety of KiSS Basic formats

  • in each module 2 different KiSS-Constellation formats will be thaught and presented 

  • You can start with the certification at any time, because all modules take place recurring

  • You will receive the certificate after completing all 5 modules in 2 years time.

Included offering:

  • Certificate trainees also have access to personal coaching with me during the certificate training.

  • You will be personally accompanied and you have extra training sessions during your training.

  • You can promote yourself as certified KiSS-Constellator after completing the exam.

  • You can be present on our KiSS-Constellator website with your own links and email, in order to be visible to potential customers.



If you are already certified as a KiSS Constellation Expert, you will also have the opportunity to take a Master Certificate and enrich your methodological knowledge with other formats out of the field of consciousness development.

You want to participate?

Getting certified - choose basic modules online

Contact us for prices and more details

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